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Meet the vendors at this year's Wellness Event on Sunday, September 15, 2019


"At Arbonne, beauty begins with premium botanical ingredients, an integrative approach to beauty and an unwavering commitment to pure, safe and beneficial products. Arbonne creates personal care and wellness products that preserve and enhance the skin, body and mind."

Lee-Anne Wielonda


Pyramid Reiki Oasis.jpg

"A place where one can do Pyramid meditation, Usui Reiki, Crystal healing, Ion Detoxification and Tarot readings."

Ana Flander

Pyramid Reiki Oasis

Young Living Essential oils.png

"Young Living Essential Oils is the world leader in cultivation, distillation, and production of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils."

Monia Levesque

Young Living Essential Oils


"At Beautycounter, we create safer, high-performing products for the whole family, because we believe you never need to compromise your health in the name of beauty."

Carolyn Koziskie


Silver Birth.jpg

"Supporting labouring women and families through the incredible journey of childbirth, and empowering women to live their healthiest, most authentic lives!"

Lila Silver

Silver Birth

Heart Belly & Soul (headshot).jpg

"Paula is a graduate of the Ontario college of Homeopathic medicine in Toronto with a passion for family and pediatric practice. As a Classical homeopath she understands the unique mind/body connection and the role that connection plays in achieving and maintaining optimal health."

Paula Roballo-Corallo

Heart Belly & Soul

4 amazing kids.jpg

"Socially Concious apparel designed to create a strong community of kids through inspiration and kindness. A portion of profits go towards mental health research and youth empowerment organizations."

Voula Kiousis

4 Amazing Kids


"Rewardum products are perfectly crafted for parents, caregivers, and educators who want to empower kids to be responsible, independent, confident and happy"

Marlene Spence



"At Soi we offer consumers countless quality ingredient products as well as a personalized service. Furthermore, we provide helpful tips and expert beauty advice to CREATE a product that reflects who you are."

Marie-Eve Beaule


gray matter.png

"Gray Matter Heath promotes Mental Health Awareness & Provides Mental Wellness Services. Psychotherapy and counselling are available for individuals, couples, families and groups."

Marci Gray

Gray Matter Health

mindful little things.png

"Little Things provides children with the opportunity to engage in meaningful play through yoga, expressive movement, storytelling, art + nature experiences. We strive to create a program that allows children to laugh, express themselves freely + make connections!"

Emma Laitila & Christina Diamante

Mindful Little Things

mindfully created designs.jpg

"This shop predominately gemstone beaded bracelets,, in addition to selling mala necklaces and raw gemstone pieces. All pieces are mindfully created with positive intentions"

Janine Berridge-Paul

Mindfully Created


"Skincare enriched with selective natural and herbal ingredient combinations based on 5000 years old Ayurvedic wisdom for individual doshas!"



Lees and Alex.jpg

"We are two sisters who are living in Toronto, Ontario and have a passion for hair accessories."

Carina & Leesa

Lees & Alex


"Just a girl with a passion for mandalas and all things wood burning"

Myra Farooq

Myra’s Art Studio

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Nature's Bakery


"HelloFresh is a weekly recipe kit delivery service. You choose three delicious recipes each week and we deliver them straight to your door!

As the world’s leading meal kit company, we know how fun cooking can be. We make it easier for everyone by delivering delicious ingredients and simple recipes you'll love to cook!

Our customers are busy families who enjoy the convenience and variety of our product -- from the 6-step recipes that take around 30 minutes and require minimal equipment and cleanup, to the ease of getting everything delivered straight to their doorsteps. By taking care of the annoying bits, we allow customers to save time and enjoy the fun part: cooking! Oh -- and eating, too"

Hello Fresh Canada



"Two moms creating stimulating, safe and fun luxury items for babies and toddlers!"

Mel & Nel

Mel & Nel


"Our Turkish Towels are 100% cotton, the main reason is for us to focus on cotton is it is a breathable fabric. It is natural and eco-friendly. We care about nature and we know how much you care as well. 


Cotton doesn't hold odor. Sweat, sea, grass or humid, nothing makes it stink like other fabric. It keeps you warm over the winter and protects you from the heat over the summer. It doesn't create a rash on your skin because it lets air pass through the fibers.


We as Cottonist value the quality of our products. They are 100% cotton and eco-friendly"

Bora Alap


Unicorn Baby new.png

"We are excited to offer eco-conscious products discerning parents like you would love! Featured in our collections are sustainable products that we strive to source locally as best as possible"

Rubylyn Paulin

Unicorn Baby

Stellina Grace Natural and Spiritual Hea

"A natural and spiritual healing room. We are here to help teach and help individuals through our services. Reiki Infused Healing Jewellery, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Chakra sets, Sage Kits, Bath Salts."

Marygrace Conte

Stellina Grace Natural & Spiritual Healing

black horned unicorn.png

"Black Horned Unicorn takes pride in offering unique, one of a kind raw stone bracelets and jewelry.  Whether you're looking for assistance from the universe in love, health, spirituality or wealth, we have the right stones for you.  All of the pieces you see are fully customizable."

Tiphenii Morris

Black Horned Unicorn

Kawi Cosmetics.jpg

"Our mission is to make a positive change in people’s lives by providing innovative skin care products that promote skin health without having to sacrifice budget."

Melanie De Sousa

Kawi Cosmetics

little oak + co..jpg

Fibre artist - embroidery and woven wall tapestries.


"little oak + co. was formed out of a need and want to create. I wanted something I could do while being able to be at home with my son and let my creative energy have an outlet."

Steph Brussolo

little oak + co.


"Local, hand poured, novelty soaps and candles for your shower, birthday, wedding, and other needs."

Sara McIntyre

Sara's Soaps

& Candles


"SweetLegs is a Canadian apparel company based out of the gorgeous Okanagan in British Columbia. Owned and operated by a devoted husband and wife team, SweetLegs is the first Canadian leggings company to have our own in-house designed Signature Line – available in 3 adult and 3 children’s sizes to fit most, with dozens of unique and beautiful prints. SweetLegs have a four-way stretch and a kitten-soft finish which makes them adored by individuals of all ages and genders. With an exciting lineup of new exclusive prints released every month, you’ll never have a boring wardrobe.

Margaret Reive 

Sweet Legs

Pillow Charm.png

"Create new looks all year round with our designer pillow covers without breaking the bank and needing lots of storage space. All of our pillow covers are designed with an invisible zipper for easy removal with beautiful fabrics and rich texture."

Magda Karpinski 

Pillow Charm 

Darou Wellness.png

"Darou Wellness is an integrative health centre located in Toronto's Queen West neighbourhood. Our services include: Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Counselling, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine."

Wellness Centre

Darou Wellness

Erin Marie.png

"Erin Marie works as a Clairvoyant Medium . That means that Spirit (Aka, the universe and higher beings) communicate through thought. She will get an image or a word in her mind and interpret that image to whoever is receiving the message. Erin has always felt in tune with spirit."

Erin Marie

Soul Wrk


"resolveCBD is the brainchild of a group of young professionals who are as passionate about self-growth and development as they are about fun and creative entrepreneurial pursuits.

Having stepped away from our number-crunching day jobs, our mission is to bring high quality, thoughtful CBD products and education to those who need it, and may not even know it yet."

Mike Robertson


low waste living.jpg

"We use recycled fabrics found at second hand stores, or donated from friends/family, to make reusable bulk & produce bags, cotton rounds, & cutlery pouches."

Steph Booth

Low Waste Living

Palmeira Blue.png

"Soothing and happy memories of the ocean blues always with you.
Handmade Larimar jewelry."

Lisbeth De La Cruz

Palmeira Blue


"Dream with Me is a service-focused business giving parents the tools and guidance to lead joyful lives. The first years of parenting are stressful, putting a strain on marriages, and parents require more support through this transition. The purpose of Dream with Me is to make the early years of parenting ones that they can look back on with no regrets. Dream with Me’s support will validate parent's intuition and give them customized action plans rooted in the true values of the family."

Brandie Hadfield 

The Dream Method


Handmade concrete decor items for your home and more.


Sand & Grain


"SincerelyNV strives to empower those who value individuality & sustainability through our carefully curated collection of handmade home decor & accessories."


Sincerely NV


Handmade hair accessories for powerful women

Brittney Watson

Sew Glad

Do Terra.jpg

"Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature’s most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates."

Jessica Raymond

Do Terra


Carine empowers souls to heal and find inner peace, discover their true selves and purpose, and helps them craft an authentically happy life that energizes them. As a certified and intuitive life coach, an advanced Theta Healer®, yoga teacher for kids,  She is a life coach, meditation guide and kids yoga teacher empowering moms looking to gracefully transition and transform through motherhood, and find their magic. Together, you can shift perspectives, shed the unnecessary, connect with our authentic selves and align with our purpose.

Carine Sroujian

Awaken Your Magic

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