This download is for six month's worth of entries.


Your week will begin with an intention. Everyday has it's own page and entry. After seven days, there is a weekly recap page. And at the end of four weeks there is a reflection page for you to look back on the last month. Feel free to use this page as you see fit. Whether it's in point form, or a full detailed entry.


The pages and entries are not dated, so you may use this journal at any point throughout the year. There are also blank pages at the back which you may use to your advantage. Make quick notes, reminders, questions, points, etc.

My Gratitude Journal, Half A Year

  • It has been a dream of mine to create my own journal. After years of exploring several different types of journals, from goal setting, to dream journals, affirmations and more, I wanted something simple and straight to the point.

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