Do you have low energy? Feeling anxious? Having trouble sleeping? Maybe you feel off, unbalanced not your usual self. You are just not functioning at your best capacity. If you resonated with any of these issues would you like to feel better?

There is a solution to these, and any other problems you may experience. It’s non-invasive, you don’t need a prescription and it’s a journey you’ll never forget! It’s called Usui Reiki.

Usui Reiki is a Japanese healing technique when the practitioner channels healing energy - universal/divine, all-knowing, vital force energy - “Chi”, into the body using gentle touch. This vital force energy helps to activate your body’s natural healing processes. The Chi restores physical and emotional well-being to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind and soul as it restores the “Chakras”. The Chakras are seven natural energy centres in the body which govern bodily functions, emotions and soul. If one of your Chakras is out of balance this is when a problem could start.

The Reiki session is extremely relaxing and experienced in a calm and supportive atmosphere - soft meditative music quietly plays in the background; candles and incense may be used to help ease you into a calm transformative state. During a session you may experience sensations of hot or cold, see colours, fall asleep, have involuntary movement, present-day memory or past-life flashes, have emotional response or release, or sense the practitioner’s hands moving over your body. An hour-long session can provide several benefits…

-Activates body’s natural healing process -Balances the chakras -Reduces stress and anxiety -Relieves pain -Helps with depression, migraines & fatigue

-Helps with digestion problems & insomnia -Strengthens immune system -Releases emotional blockages -Increases energy -Restores physical and emotional well-being

Amplify your session with the healing power of crystals. When added to your session crystals are placed on the Chakra centers and act as beacons summing and amplifying the Chi. They can also be placed on the body to help with specific ailments and desires.

As an example, Carnelian crystals can help with tissue repair after surgery when placed on and around the area to focus the Chi here. Along with healing crystals have been known to help manifest goals and desires. One thing for sure is that they are fascinating to experience!

The combination of Usui reiki and crystal healing is both powerful and beneficial.

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Written By Ana Flander

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Crystal Master

Thank You to Ana Flander for contributing to The Collective's Blog

-Nicole Marques

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