Tuned Sound Therapy: Optimizing Your Life's Frequencies

How often do you brush your teeth? How often do you visit your parents? How often do you look at your finances? How often do you work on your business? How often do you drink coffee? These are the frequencies that make up your life, the notes in the song that defines who you are as an individual. What if you knew exactly what frequencies would lead to your health, success, love and joy? What if you could tailor your days, weeks, months and years to give you a lifetime of fulfillment in every aspect you can think of, and even some you can’t imagine yet? Enter Tuned Sound Therapy.

The amount of energy we give and receive in any one area of our life is regulated by our chakras. The seven main chakras act as energetic valves, directing the flow of energy through our system as it is received through our back and given through our front. These are meant to be dynamic valves, changing and adjusting according to what we require to thrive in our current environment. Giving an important presentation at work? You might want your front communication (throat) chakra open so you can express your ideas, and your back inspiration (third eye) chakra slightly closed so you can focus on the information you want to deliver without getting distracted by additional ideas popping into your head. There is a time and place for every action and our chakras dictate when and where our energy becomes action. In the same way that you’ve become accustomed to going to the same place of work every day, waking up at the same time every morning, and getting together with the same group of people, your chakras have become accustomed to operating in a set way. They are stuck in a musical rut, playing the same “life song” over and over again. That’s not to say that some parts of this song don’t serve you. You may enjoy many aspects of your life, and are just looking to make some improvements. Making changes can be difficult though when our habits have been engrained over many years and it can feel almost impossible to get out of that rut without continually sliding back into it. This is the equivalent to chakras being “stuck”, and if left for too long will manifest as physical disease, mental turmoil and emotional instability. Sound energy, given to the stuck chakras with the intention of restoring their movement can alleviate these problems, adjusting the position of the valve to suit current circumstances and allowing for that dynamic movement to resume.

Dr. Jackie Obermeyer has developed a protocol to identify and adjust stuck chakras that also trains your energetic system to be self-regulating. Tuning forks, shamanic vocals, and other instruments shift and synchronize your energetic centers while you lay back, relax and enjoy the soundscape. Her intention for every session is to help you find the frequencies that serve your ideal life and to offer additional frequencies that might expand that ideal vision to include even more love, joy and fulfillment. Follow Tuned Sound Therapy on Instagram at @tunedsoundtherapy.

Thank You to Jackie for contributing to The Collective's Blog

-Nicole Marques

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