The Power of Meditation

A year and a half ago I walked into a yoga studio for a meditation class. I ended up being extremely lucky in that it was only the instructor and I so it was like a private class.

I had done some meditative classes before this one. They included moving meditation, cats and cows, gentle head movements, focusing on your breath work, finding and focusing on your own mantra for the class.

A mantra is something you want to manifest. It can be something simple like, "I am love." "I am joy." "I am calm." Anything you're needing more of in your life.

These meditative classes proved incredibly transformative for myself.

There is something healing about yoga for me. The studio I frequent is my safe space. I go there and I can feel my soul healing. Part of going initially was for exercise to some degree. How naive of me. If you asked me if I thought healing from traumas and processing emotional pain would happen attending a yoga class I would've laughed it off before stepping into that world.

Back to that one on one private meditation class. I was introduced to "Aham Prema". You will be in a comfortable seated position, holding a mala and begin chanting "Aham prema". You will sit and do this 108 times. This is why a mala has 108 beads. You move your hands along your mala while you meditate to keep your place.

Aham prema means "I am divine love".

Imagine speaking love to yourself repeatedly for an hour. Aligning your heart Chakra and giving yourself the love you so freely give to others. I know for myself, I pour love into my children every single day. I give them affirmation statements to focus on. I work hard to fill their buckets so to speak. But it is always a challenge to focus inward and speak kindness like that to myself.

The most magical part of stepping into a yoga studio for me is the radical difference between when you're entering and exiting the studio.

When I went in I was rushed, stressed, my anxiety was with me. When I left, I was calm, I felt steady and grounded. My anxiety was no longer with me, I felt peace.

Now that we're experiencing this Covid-19 situation I am certain there is a lot of anxiety riding high and my challenge for any of those reading this today is to carve out 15 minutes for yourself to practice some self love. Rose quartz is a wonderful crystal to have present when you're reciting your mantra as it represents love.

And a future challenge for when it becomes possible in our new world? Get out to a yoga studio to experience a class in person; I promise it is life altering!

My yoga instructor always ends her classes with what I found to be the sweetest send off and so I'll end this talk about meditation with it, "the divine light in me bows to the divine light in each of you".

Written by Samantha Archer

Thank You to Samantha for contributing to The Collective's Blog.

-Nicole Marques

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