Happy Anniversary

It was a year ago today that I officially announced my move from Out Of The Box Marketplace & my baby The Mind, Body & Soul Collective was born!

Truthfully, when I made that transition I didn’t know where I was going or what I wanted to create. But, I knew I needed the change - the universe was pulling me directly out.

It was only after hosting my first solo event at The Great Hall (which I completed filled with anxiety and fear) that I felt a sense of confirmation & validation that hosting Wellness events was exactly the direction I needed.

I’ve evolved this community from merely a Market, to a Collective; pop ups, retreats, book clubs & virtual collective calls.

I am excited to continue to grow & host more events. I absolutely love meeting you, hearing your stories, learning from you & sharing in these experiences.

Thank you so much for an amazing year!


Nicole Marques

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