Now Is As Good Of A Time As Any.

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I've had the blog portion of this website set up for months now. I felt a spark of creativity and an urge to begin writing again; as quickly as it came, was as quickly as it left.

We are currently experiencing a worldwide pandemic - COVID - 19. This is new territory for me, for us all frankly. The last time, that I personally can recall, was when SARS hit the globe. I was in high school, and like most things during that time, I didn't take it seriously. Fast forward to 2020, age 33, married, two kids, living with a chronic illness - I AM TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY.

We, as a family and as a nation, are practicing "self isolation" and "social distancing". Essentially, we are all hiding in our homes. For some, this is music to their ears. For myself, this has anxiety written all over it! My routine, my precious routine, is gone. My husband is working from home, the kids are off of school, and we are winging it everyday.

However, I am holding it all together, and frankly, I'm doing a kick ass job too!

It's been a good 6 months since I really started diving into my spiritual being. During this time I started working with spiritual healers, I began learning about crystals and essential oils. I've made changes in my life; released fear, doubt and people who were no good for me. Recently, I took a deeper dive as I completed Level 1 of my Reiki training. Because of all of these (and more) I started surrounding myself with such positive people; light workers, healers, nutritionists, yoga teachers, and more. It's as if I was preparing for this pandemic! (Actually, the universe totally knew I needed that preparation.)

If this happened in early 2019, I WOULD BE A MESS. I guarantee it. Change? No thank you. No alone time? No thanks. Air born virus? HELL NO. Not mention the fact that grocery stores are empty, hospitals are filling up and the number of cases are growing. But, it's because of the practices I put in place for myself that has truly helped me stay grounded, calm, and patient during these uncertain times.

With that being said, I wanted to share that knowledge with you.

I use this simple yoga flow either in the mornings, or whenever I feel the need to waken my body;

In the evenings, I use a flow similar to this;

I believe we are all trying to make the most out of this "lock down" - as we should be! I've put together a few ideas to help keep the energy flowing at home;


It's going to be just fine. This will be a distant memory before we know it. The fact is, worrying can affect the body in ways that may surprise you. When worrying becomes excessive, it can lead to feelings of high anxiety and even cause you to be physically ill. So let's not let it get to that. Take it one day at time, during the social distancing, and going forward. Be kind to one another. Check in on each other. Together, we are going to over come this!

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