Distance Reiki Healing

Updated: May 25, 2020

The wonderful thing about being a healer is sending Distance Reiki Healing to people, animals, plants, groups, world events, and situations without having to be physically present. I do this on a collective level.

From the moment a Reiki II Practitioner receives their attunement they are able to send Distance Reiki through the use of the Distance Reiki Symbol. As a Reiki Master, I also use all the other symbols that I am attuned to in order to create a high vibrational Distance Reiki Healing Session.

This is a powerful way to receive healing and helps you remove stagnant, toxic and old energy in regards to a specific area of your life.

In my Distance Reiki Offerings on my Instagram and Facebook page, I offer these types of specific healings as a collective for the greater good of those receiving and that of the Universe when I am called upon Spirit to do so.

What I ask for anyone wanting to receive is to be OPEN to receiving and allow only that of which is for your highest good and that of the highest good of the Universe and the collective. We are ONE and this Divine energy collectively is emitted through the Divine Universal Matrix.

In order to receive Distance Reiki Healing, the individual has to follow the instructions in order to give permission. Distance Reiki can only be offered to those who give permission-based through their Higher-self and Free Will.

As I begin to set up my Distance Reiki Collective Healing Meditation, I prepare a Distance Healing Crystal Grid based on the guidance and intuition that I receive. I then place a ball of Divine loving energy surrounding this grid and infuse it with my intentions, affirmations and divine loving healing. I create a linear time frame as to how long this will last as I am intuitively guided.

I then prepare the list of names that have asked to receive the Distance Reiki Collective Healing and I place them within my Grid.

At a specific time, I then go into a meditative state focusing on all the names and I anchor the Divine White Light, my Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, the collective Starseeds and any other Lightworkers who are willing to join me and protect myself and this group during the healing session.

I trust that Reiki will be received to those who truly want it for their Highest Good as Reiki can only be received with permission in alignment with that of which they ask for.

During specific times I also create Distance Reiki Healing Sessions based on themes like releasing fear, worry and anxiety, themes that help the collective center themselves in the I AM, here and now so that they feel more empowered in their self-healing and personal circumstances.

In my meditative state, I send Reiki out to the Collective Group. I visualize them as a collective and individually. I focus on all the areas of physical body referring to the energy centers, colours and aura fields as focal points. I then send them to their specific needs at the time they gave permission. Allowing Reiki to flow to where it needs to go. I stay in this meditative state for an amount of time that I feel is necessary for the group at the time that I offer the Distance Reiki Healing.


What you may feel during or after a Distance Reiki Healing Collective Meditation.

Some may feel the movement of energies during and after the time of the healing session while some feel the effects later on. Sensitive individuals are usually more aware of the healing as it happens while others simply feel relaxed and peaceful. Physical sensations can be felt, such as warmth, tingling, vibrations, as well as temperature changes in the physical body. Many people even find they fall asleep feeling a sense of calmness and lightness.You might also physically feel negative vibrations as they become unblocked. It’s common for most people to feel very relaxed and have a sense of profound inner peace.

Distance Reiki Healing can also be given on a one-on-one basis. When I provide Distance Reiki to my Clients the steps are very similar although it is more personally unique and specific to their needs. I also ask my clients for a photo. This service is offered via Skype and Zoom. Peace, Love, and Gratitude ~ Marygrace Conte

Marygrace Conte, is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Reflexologist Practitioner, Chakra and Certified Crystal Healer.

She specializes in Reiki, energy clearing, chakra balancing, crystal healing, and spiritual coaching. She helps you move through stuck patterns and imbalances in your energetic vibrational field that can lead to emotional and behavioural breakdowns that affect the mind, body, and spirit.

Marygrace focuses on healing people through their own 'free will.' Providing people with the tools to help heal them  through guidance, love and support as they transform the areas of their life that they wish to empower.

In her healing sessions, Marygrace is able to intuitively focus on the needs of each client, guiding them to achieve their Divine Life's Purpose.  Let her help guide you in awakening your mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Thank You to Marygrace for contributing to The Collective's Blog.

-Nicole Marques

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