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Where did we go wrong? How have we allowed this to happen for so long? Why have I been so oblivious to the hate & the crimes for all these years? Why was George Floyd’s death so different, why was this one the tipping point? Have I been a bystander this whole time? Have I contributed? What can I do? 

These are just some of the questions I have been asking myself over the past few weeks. 

I am shocked that in today’s world, with so much information at our fingertips, racism is still“a thing”. But I’ve learned, that’s my White Privilege talking.

I have been sitting with these questions for weeks now. I have been digging deep, looking back on my upbringing, my actions, or inactions, my work history as a manager, my current role as an event planner...have I done enough to support our Black community? Have I contributed to the hate and oppression?

It’s through this time of reflection that I went back to see the collection of entrepreneurs I have hosted over the years at events.Have my events

been diverse enough?Yes, I believe they have. BUT, I know I can do better. 

While reflecting on these questions and behaviours, I began compiling a list of the Black Owned Businesses I have had the opportunity & pleasure of working with over the years. 

I would love to share these amazing entrepreneurs with you!

Black Horned Unicron

Black Horned Unicorn takes pride in offering unique, one of a kind raw stone bracelets and jewelry.

Whether you're looking for assistance from the universe in love, health, spirituality or wealth, they have the right stones for you.  

All of the pieces you see are fully customizable. Owned by Tiphenii.


Check out the PleaseNotes Guided Gratitude Journal!

It's easy to let anxiety and overwhelm take a lead in your life. Take back the reigns with the PleaseNotes Guided Gratitude Journal. Reduce the effects of stress and anxiety and tune in and amplify all the good things that are happening in your life by making your Gratitude Practice easy and effective. 

Built for every level of journaler, enjoy learning about gratitude and appreciation, how it affects you, and how to practice it in the little moments.  It also includes an exercise to help you center down and feel at ease, and 100 gratitude prompts to help you get started. 

Owned by Cheryl.

Mindfully Created Designs

Mindfully Created has released the new I AM Mindful Collection bracelets, that are meant to support the wearer with their mindfulness goals, specifically with quieting the mind and heightening self awareness.  Be sure to check their website for all items, workshop dates & more. Owned by Janine

Robina Abramson-Walling

Robina Abramson-Walling, is a Health & Wellness Expert from her background in nursing to raising 4 kids while simultaneously running two businesses. Robina knows first hand how easy it is to lose yourself in life. Robina decided to take her life into her own hands 7 years ago and create the life she always imagined. She now teaches other women how to also live a life of choice and happiness.

Love & Light Jewels

Each piece of jewelry is lovingly handmade, with authentic precious gemstones and crystals, infused with bright, white reiki light.

Love & Light Jewels are the perfect addition to your yoga or meditation practice, and were designed with the light worker, spiritual healer and gypsy soul in mind. Each piece will help it's wearer reach a higher level of frequency, and assist in helping connect to and communicate with their Higher Self.

Owned by Tia.

Fusion Fit Foods

Fusion Fit Foods provides alternative snack solutions to everyone who values healthy snacking.  Similar to "energy balls", but elevated — made with higher grams of protein per serving (ranging from milk, plant or vegan proteins), added with superfood and adaptogenic ingredients, and all made with a hybrid of Caribbean and Asian herbs and spices. 

Owned by Janelle.

Kink & Coil

Kink & Coil is a natural hair brand dedicated to helping women of colour celebrate their kinks, coils, and curls.

Their mission is to expand natural hair care by creating unique, innovative, affordable, and healthy products that are designed specifically with highly textured hair in mind.

Ownedby Leaticia

Gray Matter Health

Gray Matter Heath promotes Mental Health Awareness & Provides Mental Wellness Services. Psychotherapy and counselling are available for individuals, couples, families and groups.

Let the Empowerment Planner help you work on priorities, positivity, and possibilities. 

Owned by Marci.


Rewardum products are perfectly crafted for parents, caregivers, and educators who want to empower kids to be responsible, independent, confident and happy

Owned by Marlene.

Blair Elements

Blair Elements is a wholesaler and a retailer of quality Loose Leaf Teas. Blair Elements also hosts group Tea Talks and private tea parties.

Owned by Everton.

Little Black Butterfly

Homemade Organic Skin Care, Specializing In;

Body Butter

Fragrance oil

Body scrub

Body wash

Lip balm

Owned by Jada

The Ruby Mind

Empowering men & women through jewelry to feel their inner Beauty & Strength.

Owned by Rubeena.

A + Smoodees


  • we use whole fruits & leafy veggies

  • natural, no preservatives/sugars

  • vegan, gluten free, organic-friendly

  • each individual order handmade

  • we customize to performance/diet

  • taste buds happy guarantee


Owned by Anthony.

Akua's Gems

Handmade crystals & gemstone jewelry. Akua also offers oracle and natal readings.  Owned by Akua.

Cicco Aroma

Cicco Aroma's products are made from highly effective all natural plant-based ingredients carefully crafted for paraben-free solutions. 

They are cruelty-free and with eco-friendly packaging options.

Made with Love and fresh to order! Owned by Madonna.

EastEnd Vegan

Provides delicious dairy free cheese and vegan comfort food to the east side of the Greater Toronto Are, specializing in Lasagna, Jamaican Veggie Patties, Mac n' Cheese and their main product Spreadable Almond Cheese.

Owned by Melissa.

Party Pops TO Party Pops is a Toronto-based family business specializing in alcohol-infused freezie pops. Founded in the summer of 2015 by two cousins,  Natalie and Danielle Party Pops began.

Who said as an adult you can't have fun with freezies? Party Pops is Toronto's original adult freezie.  Owned by Danielle & Natalie.

Born Fly Eli

Born Fly Eli  creates custom apparel for the whole family with an Urban flare. Be sure to check out their Instagram page for lots of inspiration before your next clothing purchase.

Owned by Chelle. 

It isn’t enough to merely post a black square and stay silent. It isn’t enough to share a hashtag. 

Because frankly, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 

I can’t march & protest with you. But I will share your businesses & your content. I will speak up. I will listen. I will learn. I will educate my children. I will ensure my events are more inclusive & diverse.

I will continue to support YOU, every step of the way. 

Thank You for trusting me & participating in my events over the years. Thank you for sharing your passions with me.

Sending you love, light, courage & strength. 


Nicole Marques

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