Meet Your Wellness Reset Entrepreneurs 

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    Jana Stern

    Jana Stern Healing

    Jana Stern is a certified Life Activation™ practitioner, metaphysical energetic healer,  meditation guide, crystal clairvoyant, and self love councillor. She has been travelling through her journey of living with and healing from her version of mental unwellness & eating disorders for more than ten years. During that time she received a multitude of healings & tools that had such a profound effect on her life, she made it her life's work to learn them so that she am now able to pay those tools forward to others to help them transform their lives too!


    As an empath and a power-light-house guide for anyone seeking to view their shadows and heal themselves, it is Jana's job to act as a perpetually evolving  mirror, igniting the potential in others to deeply understand & better themselves on their own healing journeys. Each of the healings, readings, classes and workshops that she provides are channeled using a combination of her gifts and the teachings she has received. These gifts include the ability to communicate with spirit & crystals, profound intuitive insights, deep connection to and passion for self-empowerment, as well as a commitment to delivering divine messages with honesty & integrity. 

  • Anja Todorovic

    Anamaya Wellness

    Anja started truly delving into her overall wellness practice while she was attending Queen’s University where she received her Bachelor of Honors in Sociology. She became more conscious of the food she was consuming, and the things she was allowing her body to be in contact with. Noticing an overall energetic shift throughout this journey, Anja became curious about the science behind living a fulfilling, nutritious and purposeful life; one that takes a person from a state of simple survival, to a state of optimal thrival. Anja is an April 2016 Toronto campus graduate from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition practicing in Toronto, ON.


    Anja started Anamaya Wellness where she sees clients for one-on-one consultations and personal protocols, as well as energetic and spiritual work through the art of yoga, breath-work, meditation and movement. She is a Registered 200-Hour Yoga Teacher 85-Hour Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher in affiliation with The Yoga Alliance and has used the practice of yoga, breath-work and meditation to heal the afflictions of her mind, to alleviate symptoms of her anxiety and depression, to cultivate and harness her fiercest creative potential, to awaken and calm her senses and to find stillness and silence in the midst of adversity and stress.

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    Robina Abramson- Walling

    Arbonne RVP, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

    Robina Abramson-Walling, is a Health & Wellness Expert from her background in nursing to raising 4 kids while simultaneously running two businesses. Robina knows first hand how easy it is to lose yourself in life. Robina decided to take her life into her own hands 7 years ago and create the life she always imagined. She now teaches other women how to also live a life of choice and happiness.

  • Sharana Ali

    BOSS, The Six Edition

    Sharana Ali, owner and Founder of BOSS The Six Edition; a collective empowering individuals (particularly those self-identifying as female) to refine and define their full potential through Brunch Opportunities and a Support System.

    She is a divorcee and single mother to a strong willed, confident, firecracker who I am convinced will one day change the world. By day, Sharana is taking over corporate Toronto, and by night she is a BOSS; eating, sleeping, and seeping every ounce of glory from this amazing city she calls home. 

    Sharana is on a mission to dispel the idea that we need to be on this journey of life alone. Together, through sharing our experiences and stories we can unite in our emotions. 

  • Jennifer Hoffmeister

    Clean Beauty Advocate, Author

    Jennifer is a mother, widow, entrepreneur, and Beautycounter Consultant residing in Toronto, ON. She is passionate about sharing the real real of her journey as a parent living through trauma and loss. She strives to normalize the messiness of life and to help people get more comfortable with being uncomfortable. She also vehemently believes that we can all use our voice to make the world a better place whether it's through sharing our personal stories or lobbying the government for greater health protective laws. Everyone's journey has value and it is through sharing her's that Jennifer has found a much deeper love for herself.

  • Simona Nicole

    Intuitive Mindset Coach & Host of the Happiness Happens Podcast

    Simona Nicole is an Intuitive Life and Mindset Coach and host of the Happiness Happens Podcast. Simona helps heart-centered entrepreneurs tap into their spiritual side, realign to their purpose and shift their mindset so they can live an empowered, authentic life. She helps them step into their magic by guiding them to find their confidence and master their mindset so they can step out of their own way, see results and live a bold, beautiful life on their terms. 


    Simona’s life purpose is to spread the light to those who need it, so they can discover and shine their light too. She blends spirituality, energy and meditation into her practice to help her clients tune in with themselves so they can serve on a higher level.

    Simona believes that having a deep connection to yourself is the most important relationship you can have. She's on a mission to enlighten people to reach their highest potential through increased self awareness, gratitude, and helping them change the stories they tell themselves so they can live a life of purpose that is aligned to them.

  • Jen Ramage

    Luxuria Studios

    All products are made with natural ingredients that can help with skin issues, relaxation and natural stress relief. 

    The culminating of these beautiful blends involves research, sourcing of organic, wild crafted botanical plants, oils, butters and clay and blending them into the perfect synergy. Jen lovingly crafts everything by hand in small batches within her home studio. She hand-pours all items and labels them before sending each little parcel directly to you. 

    All ingredients are sourced and made in Canada. 

  • Matt Viviano


    Matt is a spiritual healer and guide working in the Toronto area who's main goal is to hold space for you to discover your own healing journey and next best steps. With ten years of experience between reading tarot and performing energy work, shedding light on your path is my vocation.

    Matt is a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH) and Light Work Energy Healer, Tarot Card Reader, a Creative Arts Therapist (MA), and a Gay Men's Intimacy Coach and Tantrika. It bring so much joy to Matt to see folks connect with their higher selves and establish their own connection to divinity.

  • Jane Sousa

    Sage It With Crystals

    Jane is a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Master and most importantly mom of three!

    All of her items are hand made, hand wrapped and hand set! Jane takes great pride in all her creations and makes sure to smudge and clear all of the items prior to package.

    All of her products are Reiki infused.

  • The Living Platter

    by Jesse McRogers

    Stunning plant based platters that elevate your event and transform your space.

    Delicious, nutritious & local!

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