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Jana Stern, Jana Stern Healing

Jana Stern is a certified Life Activation™ practitioner, metaphysical energetic healer,  meditation guide, crystal clairvoyant, and self love councillor. She has been travelling through her journey of living with and healing from her version of mental unwellness & eating disorders for more than ten years. During that time she received a multitude of healings & tools that had such a profound effect on her life, she made it her life's work to learn them so that she am now able to pay those tools forward to others to help them transform their lives too!


As an empath and a power-light-house guide for anyone seeking to view their shadows and heal themselves, it is Jana's job to act as a perpetually evolving  mirror, igniting the potential in others to deeply understand & better themselves on their own healing journeys. Each of the healings, readings, classes and workshops that she provides are channeled using a combination of her gifts and the teachings she has received. These gifts include the ability to communicate with spirit & crystals, profound intuitive insights, deep connection to and passion for self-empowerment, as well as a commitment to delivering divine messages with honesty & integrity. 

The Living Platter

by Jesse McRogers

Stunning plant based platters that elevate your event and transform your space.

Delicious, nutritious & local!

Malak Sharaf, Malwear

Malak is a Yoga & Pilates teacher in Toronto, ON.


"I believe that the one & only valuable asset we own is our body encapsulating heart,mind, breath, muscles and bones. Invest and reap the beautiful returns in your daily life.Yoga and breath helped me through my corporate working years to manage my anxiety & insomnia.

In 2017 I finally listened to my inner voice and ventured into taking the200hours at YogaSpaceTo to become a Yoga Teacher. My passion to learn, and get more in-depth understanding of movement and muscles pushed me to take the 200 hours MatPilates at Musemovement where I learnt small movements; big impact.Mindful movement, conscience breathing, and inward connection building are key in my practice.I love and enjoy teaching, sharing my knowledge, focusing on key alignments,empowering others through progress and practice.Breath, flow, and smile everyday!"